What is a GoPro?

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what is a gopro

a gopro hero4 silver

How to know what is a gopro camera?

Well it is a line of cameras made from GoPro Inc. called the Hero line. Look below to see what amazing footage a gopro camera can take. The newest in the line right now is the GoPro Hero 4 Camera.


HOW TO use a GOPRO HERO CAMERAGoPro Hero4 Silver

Within the Line of GoPro Hero4 series is only two cameras. The first and for me the arguably better one is:



The Gopro Hero4 Silver edition is my current best pick for a GoPro camera now. What is a gopro though without an LCD built right into the back. The first time GoPro inc did this was with this model camera and only this one making it my top pick of GoPro Hero4. It was a shame they did not include a built in LCD touch screen to the second place winner; the GoPro Hero4 Black Edition.

But not only is a gopro great for out of the water footage but a GoPro underwater can be just as breathtaking. It has brought what use to be a $2000 to get into industry (underwater photography) to one that someone can get into for as little as $200.


There are also plenty of other gopro accessories to pick from to that will only make your filming experience that much better.